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System FRONT


System FRONT is a 2D Top-Down sci-fi shooter more like FTL but no crews to control. The game focuses more on fast paced than tactical. You are in the middle of nowhere in space, forgotten
by your republic, you sought to roam freely, you may choose to Survive the hoard of Empire that is chasing you! There is a wide-range of weapons and ship with different characteristics. Choose your ship well for the war to come. 

Download Current Project:

You would need a monitor bigger than 1920*1080 to play this game!
Mac OS X 10.7+:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8:

Subject to change. 

Ver: 19.2
Version being developed: 20.1

Project Website:

Unfinished System FRONT website:

Space Sim Central (Please Contribute Ideas or Give Feedback Here): Link Open New Window




System FRONT Mod Program

Not In Development.

The program would allow developers to create mods/game modes, create custom texture and many more...